Border Collie Dog Training Tools For You and Your Dog

Border collie dog training can be done through various training methods. It could be positive reinforcement,Border Collie Dog Training Tools For You and Your Dog Articles training based on corrections and sometimes, training based on punishment. While positive reinforcement is commonly used by owners or handlers during border collie dog training, the training tools they are using come in various kinds.

A dog collar is a piece of material placed around a dog’s neck. While some consider it as fashion, the main purpose of collar is for control and identification. Tags containing identification and medical information are often attached on dog collars. What makes a dog collar the number one border collie dog training tool is it’s usefulness in controlling a dog manually. A dog collar is often used with a leash.

Different types of training collars include flat collars, slip collars (also called choke chains, slip chains or choke collars), prong collars (also called pinch collars), martingale collars and electronic collars (also called remote training collars, e-collars or hunting collars).

Dog Treat
Perhaps you would do anything to get that to-die-for pair of shoes displayed Cheri Honnas in your favorite shopping mall, right? The same is true to dogs. However, they need no expensive shoes neither luxurious crate in order to make them obey your commands – food treat would be enough. But just make sure that the treats are appetizing and not dried out, bland or crumbly.

Dog Toys
Dog toys are like dog treats. They are ideal tools to entice a dog to do something at your command. But due to so many types of dog toys, choosing the one that is right for your dog can be quite challenging. There are chew toys, fetch toys, plush and stuffed toys, rope toys, kongs and interactive toys. Just keep in mind that when choosing for toys, safety and functionality come first. Design and color are second.

Dog Crate
Dog crates are not cages. A crate should not be used to punish or confine a dog every time he does something wrong. It should serve as his den – a small, cozy place he can call his own wherein your pet can feel safe and secure. As much as it is considered as a dog’s comfort zone, the crate can also make border collie dog training easy, especially housebreaking. Apart from that, traveling is easier and safer both for you and your pet when he’s in crate.

If you haven’t got those tools yet, it’s time to make a move. Get those stuff for successful border collie dog training.